Bitcoin SCAM!

I was invited by a friend of a friend to invest in Bitcoin last year. He told me that if I invest 5000 in our currency it will be doubled in a month's time. He also promised me that I will get referral fees and override from every person I introduced to Bitcoin and that prices of Bitcoin are expected to increase. To make the story short I did not join because I believe its a pyramiding scam. Truth to be told I did my research on Bitcoin after that and it turn's out that Bitcoin's price was really on rise unfortunately I did not invest at that time. Currently I'm learning more thru this forum and I thank my friend for inviting me here. Just last December I heard from one of my friends that the company they joined was in fact a pyramiding scam and the money they invested in just vanished out of thin air together with the people who invited them. We should be wary of people offering investments and opportunities to us. Do your research. Opportunity comes with risks as well as the rewards. If its too good to be true, it might be a scam. Bitcoin is not a SCAM but there are people who uses Bitcoin to SCAM other people. Good luck to us and more power to Bitcoin!

A good life story, and can teach us a lesson.
it seems like such people will be much more in 2018. so I think we should know more about BTC. if you want to invest we should trust people who have been successful in bitcoin and that we know.
bitcoin is real, not scam.